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Testimonials are a wonderful part of getting to help so many moms in need.  Below are some quotes from moms with whom Mother Boost was able to provide assistance. 

Mother Boost Mom

"I am a single widowed mom to a 3 1/2 year old. We have been doing somewhat OK since the death of his dad but the holidays are always a struggle. I think this will be the first year he understands Santa and I love to make the holidays magical for him."


"I did receive the diapers and just wanted to share these photos and say thank you so much for everything and the extra support has been such a godsend!"

-Mother Boost Family

"I am beyond words of expressing how grateful I am for the gifts to make Christmas special. We had a rough year and to see my daughter smile makes me elated. Thank you to everyone that helped get her gifts, it was truly special."

-Mother Boost Family


“The self-care divorce webinar Mother Boost hosted was such an amazing refresher. So many helpful tips, and sometimes as mothers we need to be reminded to slow down and fill our own cups. Hearing from a professional not only reminded me of this but provided steps and tools to take my self-care into my own hands! As single mothers, we need to prioritize our own self-care, and it started for me by joining this session!”

-Kolleen L.

"Thank you again to you and everyone at Mother Boost for the help. We are so grateful. My little family is so thankful for Mother Boost. I’m grateful for the support and community they bring through the tough times of single motherhood. It really makes us feel less alone. I just wanted to say thank you so much again for the Christmas gift support because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to put anything under the tree."


-Mother Boost Family

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